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Empowering massage therapy schools in Texas with online training. If you are a massage school wanting to incorporate online training. We can help.

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About Us

We are a highend team of developers and managers with years of experience in the massage therapy world. We want to help you with our technology to save you time and money.

Kathleen Mazy

Company CEO

Brandon Mazy

Marketing Guru

Chad Onstead

Marketing/Creative Writing


Student Referral

We know each school and program are set up differently. We have built a tool that will be benifical to you.

Class 24/7

Your students can goto class in the middle of the night, during a pandemic, even if the roads are iced over! Whenever on whatever device!


And it works on all devices!

Our Mission

To give the choice of technology to a industry that many never have the chance to get it!

  • We have students in your area
  • It's a win win
  • TDLR Approved




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